About us

 Some of the Members of Caritas MADDO

Vision Communities in Masaka Diocese holistically developed and self-sustaining.

Mission To build the capacity of community organizations for sustainable development in Masaka Diocese.

Strategic Objectives

  • To promote food security and increased income through sustainable agribusiness in Masaka Diocese
  • To promote access to quality and affordable preventive and  curative health services
  • To promote access to sustainable safe water and sanitation    services
  • To support the vulnerable groups in Masaka Diocese
  • To promote income generation and resource mobilisation
  • To strengthen Caritas MADDO for efficiency, effectiveness and  responsiveness to social, economic development needs of  Masaka Diocese.

Core Values:                                                       Other values include;

  • Accountability                                          . Good governance
  • Commitment                                                     . Participation
  • Respect for Human Dignity                            . Flexibility
  • Innovation                                                         . Approachability
  • Team Work                                                        . Innovativeness
  • Fairness                                                              . Mutual coexistence
  • Professionalism


Caritas MADDO (MASAKA DIOCESAN DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION) is a faith-based organization offering social services and development work in Masaka Diocese. It was started way back after the 1979 war with relief items to war victims. The offices were established in 1981. In 1988 MADDO was expounded to include development work besides social services with more technical staff.

This same year (1988) it picked the name MADDO which was changed to Caritas MADDO in 2000 to promote the spirit of giving and receiving as related to love, compassion and solidarity.

How the organization works

The Diocese and activities of Caritas MADDO cover the political districts of Kalangala, Rakai, Ssembabule, Masaka, Kalungu, Bukomansimbi, Lwengo and Lyantonde. Caritas MADDO enters the community using the church structure that is the 49 parishes, which are grouped in eleven deaneries and then finally the 700 sub parishes. Each level has a development committee which coordinates MADDO activities in the parishes. Households are organized into groups to utilize their different gifts for better results.

Caritas MADDO also collaborates with the government ministries through the relevant departments (Agriculture, health, Water and Sanitation) of the eight districts that make up the Diocese.

The Human Resources of Caritas MADDO

To-date Caritas MADDO has a team of professionals both clergy and laity in areas of social development, finance, social work, agriculture, Health, Water and Sanitation in line with rural development. The organization uses a value based approach, while being ethical and professional to deliver services to all the 49 parishes of the diocese. Its services’ provision is broadly defined and refined penetrating several sectors of the economy and contributes immense impact on the population’s livelihood.


Fr. Raphael Ssemmanda – Development Coordinator

Fr. Simon Peter Kamuleggeya – Asst. Development Coordinator I

Nabbona Cissy – Human Resource Manager

Fr. Emmanuel Katabaazi – Health Coordinator

Kasujja B. Stephen – Inter Auditor

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