MADDO Diaries

In 2003 Caritas MADDO founded a dairy processing plant located along Bukakata road, which is the only of its kind in the region. Founded with the aim of providing ready market for the milk produced by the farmers, MADDO Dairies has also improved nutrition by providing safe milk a continues to promote dairy farming as a business in the area. To assist farmers, milk cooling centres are set up in different locations i.e. Kirimya and Lwabenge.

A day the Dairy receives 1500—1700 liters of milk and processes it into vanilla and strawberry flavoured Yoghurt, chocolate flavoured and non-flavoured pasteurized milk. Presently the dairy sell its products to schools of different levels and over 40,000 customers in Kampala, Rakai, Wakiso and Masaka districts enjoy MADDO Dairies products.

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